Mostly Papaya Smoothie

I say mostly, because it has papaya as the main flavour, but there are more ingredients involved in this nutritious drink.

First of all its a morning drink, full of Vit C and potassium. Why a morning drink? Because it’s quite sweet (from fruit sweetness only, no nasties added) but also it’s a kickstarter for a busy day ahead.

So here it goes…

To make one giant glass (like my wine glass here 😂) you’ll need:

1 cup of fresh papaya

1 medium ripe banana

1/4 cup apple

1 tsp bee pollen

1 tsp flax or mixed seeds (for extra fiber)

1 tsp nut butter of your choice (I used walnut butter and it’s yummm)

Blueberries and pollen to decorate, but it’s entirely optional. You can also use an apple wedge for that matter.

Blitz all together with the help of some water or if you like use pure coconut water. I used normal water as I didn’t want to add extra sweetness to my drink.

And that’s the whole “philosophy”

healthy people!

Enjoy your orange velvety drink!



Published by Sinzy Zaltman

Catering, food blogger, event planner.

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