Tips on Hosting a Dinner Party

Planning an event involves more dedication than you probably accounted for. A successful party, of any kind, starts with good company, but also with great tasting food and nevertheless a nice welcoming space!

Every since I was a little girl, I was fascinated by my grandma’s dedication to host fabulous luncheons and dinner parties. I gotta say, I have her genes when it comes to entertaining people around the table.

Tip no.1: Attention to detail is very important and makes the difference when hosting a gathering with family and friends or a baby-shower for your college bff or anything!

Print a menu for your guests! This is a nice touch to show people what they’re about to eat. Especially if you have guests with dietary restrictions. Just ping me here to help!

And pick a place, either at home or elsewhere that has a good vibe and it’s in easy reach for all your guests!

Tip no. 2: Be creative! My take on a dinner party will involve a lot of easy 3-ingredient recipe dips for breaking up the ice and hunger! Some recipes inspo here. Add some good quality dark bread and grissini to go with your dips.

Tips no. 3: Serve a mouth watering main course. Whatever the option you chose, make it special and add a little extra care into cooking it! Garnish, garnish, garnish! I can’t sell enough the garnishes! They make any dull looking plate into a 4* gourmet one! And they don’t have to be fancy and expensive. Sometimes a sprinkle of chiffonade parsley can say more than a mil words.

Tip no. 4: Have some good ambience! Candles, soft light, fresh flowers if it’s the case, music, maybe actually splurged on a live musician for a change, why not??

Tip no. 5: Have a good time! Enjoy your guests and laugh, make them feel welcomed. If you feel and look good to the rest, the atmosphere will be the same! No one wants a grumpy and stressed host because the meat got overcooked. That’s what makes me think of the last tip which is:

Tip no. 6: Have a Plan B! It rains on your parade? Move it inside! Always account for weather changes, and plan accordingly! The food got burned, overcooked, etc? Have a good caterer on hold if things get messy! That’s where I can help!

There are many more tips I could think of for dedicated and custom made events. I am happy to share them with each of you privately if you plan on hosting your next event and need my help!

You can contact me here and let’s the the party going!

Published by Sinziana Dulama

Food blogging, photography, recipes, healthy lifestyle.

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