Summer food vibes

The summer is coming all over the northern hemisphere with its rooftop meetups and beach vibes. I prepared a few recipes to accompany your gatherings and fill you with that much needed energy for this season!

All my recipes will be demonstrated live on the @Keychn App and on Facebook throughout the coming weeks as following:

  • 1st of May at 5 PM (CEST) / 11 AM (EDT – USA) – Green gazpacho
  • 18th of May at 2 PM (CEST) – Thai chicken and shrimp curry
  • 29th of May at 8 PM (CEST) / 2 PM (EDT- USA) – Summer layered pudding

If you don’t have the Keychn App, just download for iPhone, iPad and Mac and register for your first free 15 days subscription. You can cook along side myself and interact with me during the live session! Classes in Spanish and English.

See you online!