Trybe summer

Hi everyone!
Not a dull moment this past summer!
I’ve been really busy due to travelling for my events planning. Visited many amazing places with an abundance of culture and vibrant foods.
Places visited this summer: Miami, Florida; Marrakesh, Morocco; Arusha & Ngorongoro Conservation Area, both in Tanzania and Berlin, Germany. 
All locations impressed in many ways, but I was simply fascinated by Tanzania. The rich ecosystem, the simplicity of the people and their great foods are simply breathtaking. We stayed in various places but my fave was by far Gibb’s Farm. With its fireplace-outdoor-shower-comfy-bed cottages and amazing organic farmed lands which basically made me fell in love with this place.
Earlier in the summer, Miami proved to be a gem! Whatever you see in the movies set in this city, you will experience in real life. Cool beaches, colorful dresses and hydraulic cars pumping up the volume as they stop at the lights! The food is some sort of magic in many ways 🙂 All cold pressed or organic freshness! Yum!
Can’t describe Marrakesh in enough words. It’s all been said already anyway. You’re better-of reading a good travel guide. It will give you all insights you need to know. My experience, besides the biggest event I organised there this year, was going to be with food. And it’s never a boring one if you’re in this city. The spices!!!!!!!…………………… nothing more to add. 🙂 This time I managed to adventure in some small cafes which I’ve never been before. I also had like a tagine/day to try different ways of how they cook this staple dish. Not hugely different but amazing every time. can never have enough of this dish!
Besides the culinary adventures and my numerous escapades with events, I am proud I was given the chance to collaborate with one of the best food apps in Barcelona – Trybe
On Trybe every user can order food by location, direct from the private chef’s own kitchen. No restaurant fees, no nasties, just simply delicious food made by real foodies! I was featured with two dishes: a pure creative approach to a kale salad and the other a green-curry.  My dishes have been popular and very happy to say they were sold out twice after my start with this app. The Thai green curry and salmon, mango and kale were well received by the gourmets in Barcelona. Some reviews below:

Pablo said: “Very good flavor and presentation, would it eat it again in a heartbeat.”

Alastair commented: “Great dish – the mix of kale, salmon, quinoa, mango and salsa was refreshingly different. :)”

Hyemi said: “Salmon, kale, pink hummus and mango. Just collection of all my favouritnessss! Enjoyed a lot this fresh salad on sunny day, also the portion was great. Thanks!”

Thank you all for the lovely comments! happy you were fed well 🙂

On a separate occasion, also initiated by Trybe, I hosted a tasting dinner at my house. The six participating guests were coming from all over the world: USA, Venezuela, Spain and the UK. It was interesting to see all the reactions to my 4 plates. I started with a salmon and yuzu carpaccio, followed by miso soup, zucchini noodles with turkey meatballs and a vegetarian Indian daal. It was great to present each dish but most of all to hear my guests ‘ live feedback. This is gold for any aspiring cook! I’m a self-taught chef and always working on improving my skills and dish creations. Reviews always help, especially when it comes to people’s preferences on food. It’s hard as you cannot please everyone all the time. Not even if you’re an expert! Thank you one more time guys for making this happen. It was a very enjoyable experience.

Summer has ended now, but leaves me with some great memories and many more lessons learned & places discovered. I am grateful for all of these days.



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