Lost in Hong Kong

I recently had the opportunity to travel to Asia for work, but on my way back I had a stop over in Hong Kong. Well thought! I said to myself. No other city mesmerized me as this one did, so far! The people, the lights, the colours, smells, variety of stuff, culture and of course THE FOOD.

My hotel was right in the center of HK, just 2 min walk from Time Square in Causeway Bay. It felt like a good choice, giving it was very central, but also really quiet. As I was stepping out to the street the first thing coming my way was a street market; my favorite thing to do/see when I travel for fun! Of course a stroll around the market ‘stalls was a must so I took a deep breath and adventured myself in the unknown. Some of the “things” I saw are below in the gallery. Nothing out of the ordinary if you’re a local: dried shrimp, dried cretaceous creatures, dried whole squid, seaweed of all kinds, jackfruitdurian (an extremely smelly and sweet fruit; cannot cut one open without smelling it from a good 50 m), live giant mussels, live whole king crab, amazing colorful fruit and vegetable, fried everything (literally!) and loads upon loads of people!

I am so lucky to have met some amazing people over the years and some of these people happen to be based in Hong Kong and eager to show me around! I met with some old friends who literally showed me the coolest places to eat and enjoy HK. We went to a very local bun-bao and dim-sum place, followed by a stroll through another market and a Chinese water goddess temple. Have also enjoyed some fantastic mango juice with a view from level 86! take a look below at some highlights.


Going to Hong Kong without exploring the bar scene and the heights is almost like going to Paris without a visit to the Eiffel Tower. My most fave bar was the Ozone in ICC building the Ritz Carlton at the crazy level 118!


The trip proved to be a fantastic discovery and will definitely return in no time! I came back with loads of jasmine tea, dried fish for my soups recipes and some amazing memories.


Hong Kong you are a gem of a city and I am your biggest fan!

Published by Sinzy Zaltman

Catering, food blogger, event planner.

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