A wake-up call for a healthy winter

Hey guys, it’s been a couple of weeks of total relaxation, which I am so grateful for… but I am back with this awesomely full-of-vitamins recipe. It’s a super-simple way of getting the essential nutrients provided by vegetables during this cold winter.

In my part of the world the weather has been wet and gloomy and the risk of getting a virus is around the corner, but I am willing to stay healthy by packing my meals with healthy fibre and protein.

The salad I’m showcasing here is easy to make anytime during the week and has basic ingredients which you can find in your local store. The chickpeas provide essential plant-based proteins which will keep you satisfied for longer time. I like to use a lemon-based dressing for a burst of vitamin C and for a plus of flavor I like to decorate this salad with dried edible flowers. If you cannot find these flowers in your supermarket, I can also recommend adding crushed kale chips or seeds of your choice. I recommend pumpkin, sunflower or chia (omega 3).

Enjoy the clip and please let me know how your salad turned out by commenting below.