A culinary beginning

Hi and welcome to my first post on Cooking Nature.
I will start by thanking my friends for putting up with me though launching of this brand. I’ve had numerous incentives to start writing and sharing my thoughts with you about my passion – cooking. Thanks to all of you who have supported me over the years and encouraged me to follow my dream.
A few names worth mentioning who helped me create Cooking Nature:
Judith, Jeff, Jean, Ann, Jerry, Marwa, Rowan, Adela, Ana, Alexa, Isabel, Laura, Isidro, Michele, David, Sandra, Ilka, Olivia, all my teachers at La Patente cooking school and Hofmann Escuela de Hosteleria, and many more who will add here as I go! You rock!

Cooking Nature exists because you believed in me!

Hope you like reading my posts and trying my recipes.

Please send me your thoughts and questions in regards to my recipes.